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There are numerous advantages to allowing your Relocation Moving Services Company the responsibility of handling your packing requirements.

  • Time: There are many tasks to accomplish prior to your relocation. Think of all of the hours you will have to spend if you decide to concern yourself with the arduous task of packing. You can instead use some of the time saved to purge through items you may not need at your new home.
  • Less clutter and disruption to your daily life: If the moving company does your packing you will be able to live your normal life without cartons strewn throughout your home. The moving company will come in one to two days prior to your actual load date depending on the total number of cartons to be packed.
  • Experience: Let the packing pros do what they know how to do. There is an art to safely packing your precious belongings which is only learned through experience. Making sure that proper technique and materials are used will ensure that sentimental heirloom makes it to the new destination unscathed.
  • Liability: If you choose to do your own packing the mover will assume the maximum liability of 60 cents per lb. per article even if you have chosen the Full Value Replacement liability option. If the moving company performs your packing and you have chosen the Full Value Replacement option the mover is responsible for this level of protection for all of the items they have packed. You can choose to have your mover do a partial packing service for items of value that you may not feel comfortable packing yourself.

As you can see there are many advantages to allowing your chosen Full Service moving company the opportunity to help you with all of your packing needs. Morey’s Relocation Group’s Relocation Services provide you the freedom to relax while we do all the planning, coordination and heavy lifting.

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