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Long Distance

Long Distance Moving

Morey’s Relocation Group can provide you with a professional, cost-effective solution to your long-distance moving needs. No matter where in the country you’re going to call home, we can accommodate you.

We offer expert packing and moving services and work in a timely manner to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible. Specially designed crates and equipment keep all your belongings safe during the journey to your new home. Long-distance moves can involve plenty of stress—ease the burden of your next move by calling Morey’s Relocation Group.

Choosing the Right Long Distance Mover

All interstate moves require special licensing to move your belongings from one state to another. Morey’s Moving and its providers are fully licensed to provide interstate moving services. If you are moving across state lines, trust Morey’s Moving to safely, legally handle all your moving needs.


Relocation Moving Services

Long Distance or Interstate Moving Services

We offer customized moving, packing and storage service solutions in addition to convenient add-on moving packages for all moving levels. Whether you are moving cross country or to a neighboring state, we offer a variety of Relocation Moving Services options, including Full Service.

Local or Intrastate Moving Services

Local moves are defined as short distance and/or within the same state, or intrastate. We can provide you professional moving services and a variety of Relocation Moving Services options, including Full Service.

Full-Service Packing

We have a team of experienced professionals who first plan your moving requirements, then arrive prior to your move to carefully pack up your belongings and prepare for the organized load planning and packing of your household items on the trucks.

Home Cleanup and Debris Pickup

Cleaning up after your move can be a daunting task. USANM offers home cleaning, debris, and trash pickup as part of our add-on service packages to provide a seamless, stress-free moving experience.

Unpacking Services

Upon arriving at your new home, our moving professionals will also be responsible for offloading and unpacking your belongings in the designated rooms, provide debris pick up, cleaning, technology installation options and more.

Corporate Relocation Services

Morey's understands how unique each company’s relocation needs are. We assign an experienced moving and relocation professional to help your company develop a custom relocation plan that fits your large, medium or small business needs, without compromising service or quality, regardless of your company’s size.

Auto Transport Services

We offer auto shipping quotes for both door-to-door or terminal to terminal. This means, whenever possible, movers will pick up and deliver your vehicles at your residence, office or any other place you designate. If that is not possible we will recommend Terminal to Terminal shipping options.

Additional Services

Your location may offer additional services such as custom crating for art, antiques, collectibles, fragile items, electronics, etc. and even full house cleaning options.

Planning for Your Long Distance Move

Pre-Packing List

  • Make a Supply Run
  • Get a Head Start
  • Label Containers
  • Get Rid of Some Stuff

First Night Checklist

  • First Night Supplies
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Items
  • Food & Beverages
  • Linens & Sleeping
  • Personal Hygiene Supplies

Moving Checklist

  • Destination
  • Allowable Items
  • Non-Allowable Items
  • Packing List

Other Checklist

  • Art/Antiquities
  • Pack Separately Items
  • Auto Transport Options
  • Travel Plans
  • Emergency Contacts


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