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Moving Affiliates

Generate additional income streams by joining our Affiliate Team of Movers

Create Additional Revenue Streams

Morey’s Relocation Group provides¬† Home Owners and Realtors Full-Service Relocation Moving Services. We facilitate and more easily plan and expedite their long-distance or local moving process at highly competitive rates.

Our goal is to provide Moving Company Affiliates who do only local or instate work or companies who only serve a specific geographic region the ability to produce an alternative income stream.


Making Clients Moves Stress-Free

We provide moving companies the opportunity to create additional revenue from customers that are already calling or by offering additional long-distance moving services to their existing clients.

It is our purpose to make this transaction as simple as possible for the referring company. All we need is a call or email with their client’s basic info.

Contact info, origin and destination info, and anticipated move date. Morey’s Relocation Group will take it from there.

Additional income streams for movers

We determine what vehicle size you need during transportation

We carry and secure your belongings with Safe Packaging

Undamaged, Stress-free and Timely and Without Delay

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